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>> life news at 5 >> the search for continues then christine connolly has been joining us, with an update on the search from four frederick sales christine? >> no major clues as the whereabouts crews of inserting a massive landfill to speed on these. they are going through
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thousands of tons of trash, meticulous tedious work. let me show you what they're doing. >> here, the hercules command department is a riding with the dates for canyon landfill started at 8:00 a.m. 20 volunteers on hard hats, gloves, careful. that is 3,000 t. the only thing found so far is that they are in deed looking through hercules. >> they're still hopeful and looking and finding this. it is very meticulous. >> this is where this is brought from the north shore business park. this is with his white cadillac escalade driven by efren valdemoro was discovered on wednesday. and also efren valdemoro he worked at a
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security guard at a business park in new the area well. a search of this business provided no clues but the trash already been removed. if this does not pan out? investigators will not give up part >> if they do not find anything there will continue to work with the family, friends. and solicit information from the community. >> and this inf search of a bill could go for several days, testicle to every piece of trash and they went back to the hercules netflithey want t the neighborhood. >> and i am thinking that that perhaps frederick sales is still alive. or is he dead already? >> to me, my presumption is that if he is alive he would of showed up, already. however, it
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seems that sense that he is still missing, maybe he was killed, first. and then he was dumped, somewhere else. just going over there makes you feel a little bit nervous. because, we can recall what happened and wondering why this happened. >> neighbors say that it is difficult to walk by that house. they think of what has occurred there and hopefully some clues and whereabouts are found very soon. reporting live in pittsburgh. >> our coverage of the multiple murders continues on line with details. and newark police are trying to find out who shot a body, that was found
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on kate we boulevard. officers were there last night at gateway boulevard, to break a pool party. they heard gunshots, and they could not find any victims. 26 year-old julius hughes could of been shot and 300-400 people were at the pool party. and also try to determine if the hotel of the proper permits. >> crews are soaking up the last few oil of the palomar brebeuf. 200-60 0 gal. were spilled. exports were there all day, and peddlingpetaluma tugboat >> google earth, let me show you this source is right here at hopper st/lake hills st. let me show you where the department of fish and game that this oil sheen stretched 2 mi. down the
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petaluma river. highway 1 is there one crosses the river. right there, 80 percent has been soaked up so far. >> and take a look not a sight you see every day or anywhere else for that matter. spider dan, continues to climb this skyscraper, the fire department have a rescue team has been called in. just as a precaution. this millennium tower is over 54th tall and the is too high to reach but he will press them once he gets to the top. spider dan is from lake tahoe and declined a handful in the past and even released a memoir earlier this year. >> a live look aside from the golden gate bridge. plenty of sunshine right now and temperatures are nice, mild close to the coast. warm to the rest of the bay area it is been a warm labor day out there
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today. temperatures in the north bay are in the low 90s, and even in the south bay. starting to cool close to the coast with 77 in san francisco, 62 degrees and half moon bay in this cooling will be continuing and dramatic. this searching fog up the san mateo coast tonight and into the bay shore for tomorrow. fog early along the coast and windy, and much, much cooler. we are talking 20 degrees cooler in some spots. that will continue and that will come up. >> and in a final salute to summer, people had to the coast and applaudable shows us that in the santa cruz. >> the low 80s along the coast, and once is burned off. ryder rent to pm you can see on west cliff, right around 2:00 p.m.,
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busiest this summer long many people out for a walk at the boardwalk, and the municipal war for also recorded. and a lot of surfers, sailors, municipal-war for also very busy. elsewhere, beaches from the board worked alk to the coast for some light summer sunshine. and in this economy, the beach is a relatively inexpensive outing. and particularly over the holiday weekend if they're close to home. and the santa cruz, the applaudable, kron 4 news. >> look of this wonderful traffic conditions. southbound, lower on the bay bridge is no problems. and everything is moving fine. we will be right back a lot more news, ahead. buy and the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road.
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>> drivers on a southbound 180
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will have more options during rush hour, work will begin, with car pool lane it is an option but it will cost you. >> this stretch of concrete behind me is being used by traffic but by late september, in appealing to buy a car pool lane from fremont. the interstate-680, this is beginning to start. would not just to-vpassengers, but a single driver can use it. this yellow line is going to be changed. and the alameda county transportation department is saying that $50-$60 from 5:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. and-up. and only $5-$6, and three different and reports, mission boulevard, and a alameda, and the current will be able to use this like any eller ho ov
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>> work is underway for the san francisco great highway 2 stormedestroyed by winter storm, you can see that it started this weekend. reestablish this great highway and was closed in december 20th 09 and january of this year after heavy storms caused damage to the adjacent seat collapsed. you can see on google birtdearth, that this is happening from stifling boulevard all the way to sluropo skyline repaving, and all the way into the end of october. >> with temperatures dropping all the way into 20 degrees, your full forecast coming up in just a few minutes. 0@@
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san francisco gavin newson barbara boxer, and candidates for attorney general, and pamela harris and jerry brown was running for governor. immediately after that, jerry brown went to another labor day rally and is under way right now. and also jerry brown has started to answer the 100 and indoor campaign of rival, meg whitman. releasing its first ad. >> and he got rid of waste, balanced budget, 4 billion in tax cuts, world-class schools/universities, and 1.9 million new jobs created. >> i am assured brown and california needs major changes. we have to live within our means, and retirement halliburton closer to the people, and no new taxes
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without >> meg whitman responded by saying that it is a inflated reflection of events from the past. >> to take a look or forecast, 77 degrees incidences, and inland, and oakland, 10 degrees cooler than just one hour ago. the north bay, and 90's, and in the south bay and inland. those are going to change by tomorrow. but we are expecting but tonight, and no fog but there will be allowed some to coast this evening. surging up from moderate and is would pushing an overnight. by tomorrow, the coastal/bay fog will be
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expected. as we head into the afternoon but sunday, when the, and a huge cool down! 10-20 degrees-and windy. and the bayshore is warming and by tomorrow morning you can see that fog up in the coast by oakland, and parts of the north bay. that is x extensive edit it is going to get. by 9:00 a.m., oakland, san francisco, pressing down the coastline. and we will see sunshine for most of the bay area's with temperatures are going to drop, dramatically! a blessed the cool air. 62 degrees in san francisco,-a bless the cool air, seven degrees in hayward, and a blast. low 80s, 90s right now, but tomorrow 78 in napa. napa was 96 degrees today, and only going to be 70
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degrees there tomorrow. south bay, it is also going to be in the mid-70s. to take a look at your kron 4 7 day around the bay continuing into wednesday, but well below average. and after that, we're starting to see a warm-up going towards the weekend. temperatures will still stable averaged a creep up a little bit towards the weekend. 80 degrees inland on saturday, sunday. >> national news, a tropical storm is grinding towards mexico/texas. officials in texas are giving up sandbags and warnings of flash flood. you are looking at a satellite imagery that will probably make landfall overnight. just south of the mexico slashed taxes for the could bring 1 ft. of rain fall! mexico/texas roberb. and a formr army worker three hostages today
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in georgia. and he was a eventually persuaded to surrender, peacefully. no injuries, this was and ford stored southwest of some >> . the hostages were able to calmed down the man is not sure what charges will face. also in georgia, three deputies were being pulleoff praise for pullia man from a burning fire. with fire extinguishers, this is really touch and go. and they would just clear up again, this was all caught from a-ca-board , and a 50 year-old man. >> and do you remember that jet bleue flight attendant? >> this saturday, that stephen sleekeis no longer an employee d
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not give any details. prompting online speculation that he was fired however, his attorney has said that the former flight attendant was not fired, he resigned. last wednesday. and on august 9th, he was going from pittsburgh/jfk and an argument took place with a passenger. and he yelled at the ppassenger over the intercom, and arrested and charged with criminal mischief, reckless endangerment and trespassing. and he spent 20 years and the airline injury and for the latest on this dramatic incident? what's on the web with kimberlee sakamoto. >> and to check out the golden gate bridge, no sign of the fog. northbound, is looking good and a bit sluggish. and the bay bridge, look at this, the right side is moving purposely well.
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and the east bound as on the right however, there is some backup on the pay gates in the left. the fastrak is moving well and not too bad considering. we will be right back. to cut crime. fact: brown promised but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now.
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>> spider dan has been climbing this skyscraper since 2:15 you can see earlier, that mission street has been closed down between fremont and bealls street, he is almost to the top. the heavy rescue team has been called in as a precaution. this is a huge building. over 50 stories! there are people in side watching spider and gstandd it is too high to reach him but he is going to be arrested. spider-man. >> pamela?
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>> let me tell you about parking. and bad news for drivers in san francisco no free parking. and it was in full affect that drivers thought they could park for free will come back to their cars to find a ticket and a $65 fine! there are only three holidays. thanksgiving, christmas, new year's day. ♪ >> and now, here's a stanley roberts to fun people behaving badly. >> and if your board and knead some excitement? i would suggest the fisherman's wharf. better yet, why not go for a brief instructional to war. first off, parking. here we go, but wait, no left turn into the garage. some people ignore that and see this $7 per hour. and may change their mind. if you choose street
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parking? be aware, that the use high-tech ways to catch violators. this will tell them who is in violation, and it is going straight to the car. and a ticket is issued. and if the parking officer tells you to move you might want to move. this person is getting a ticket because he drove away, he would get a non contemptible ticket and the mail. also, if you're going to be visiting the war? bring cash. they get a lot of funny money this is a fake $100 bill. at ripley's, believe it or not and the man told me that he got it from washington mutual and hayward. except, washington mutual has been close for one year. this was confiscated, and turned over to the u.s. secret service for further evaluation. and street performers? a clown, silver thing, that this is
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asking for $5. >> and nobody was biting. and when this was not working, he went to a therapeutic thing. >> remember, stay in school. in san francisco, stanley roberts. >> if you have a comment or a story ae-mail us at: >> taking a look, gorgeous blue sunny skies and a bit cool down is on its way. details coming up in just a few minutes. cs
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